Reflection Practice

I am farely new to blender… but old all at the same time… (dl’ed the program like last year but didnt really get into it until like a month back… and havent used it much in the past 2 weeks.)
On sunday 11.18.2007
I got back into blender modelling and was searching the net for tuts and tips on metal/glass texturing. I finally found about 2 good ones… followed the guidelines and did some nice reflection effects.

Here are the results of my tests:

I know, not very impressive but I am proud of it xD
all of them are here:

Glass w/ Adobe gussian blur over the pic for emphasis

Those look quite nice. Could you maybe post the links to those
2 tutorials? I’d like to take a look at them myself.

Aye I would like to try them out as well. :slight_smile:
i used that tut as a reference for it… sry for taking so long to reply… didnt think anyone responded to this =) but thanks for responding.