Reflection Problem

Just look at the image to see what I am talking about. The blurry pieces at the far side (Ray Transp, Gloss 0.5) looks completely trasparent in the board reflection (Ray Mirror). (I placed a close up in my next post).

Does anyone knows how to get the same effect on the pieces with proper reflections?
I use Blender Internal to render, if other render engine can do this just tell me where to get it.

I am very new to Blender.


Oh that isn´t hard to achieve - just increase the depth value - the depth value determines how many bounces the the light does within the transparent material - if you just have a depth of 2 and the “light” hits a third layer this part is visualized in black.
Hope it works! :slight_smile:
By the way the chess figures look very good.

Thanks! Increasing depth is really solving that black area problem on the trasparent pieces (I will need a really high depth), but my main problem is the reflection of the more opaque pieces not maching then. Ray Mirror is totally ignoring the ajustment on the Gloss of those pieces (0.5).


First of all I must apologize because I think I did not explain well my problem and used a poor render to show it.

The board is a mirror, but it is not reflecting the pieces right. This opaque glass of the pieces was obtained with Ray Transp: IOR 1.30, Fresnel 4, Fac 1.25, Gloss 0.5, SpecTra 0.5. The Gloss is what makes the tranparency blurry but the Ray Mirror is reflecting a Gloss of 1, thus making the pieces reflection fully tranparent.


Instead of just reducing Gloss I used a totally crazy setup with a noise texture mapped to normal and translucency. Now everything is reflected alright.

I think I found a bug. Gotta report.