Reflection Render Problem with a ReflectionCubemap

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I’m trying to render an object in 2.9 with eevee. The object has a chrome texture from Blenderkit and I have a large cylinder enclosing the whole scene. The cylinder has an image texture which is a .mov video and the object has a ReflectionCubemap. What I want is to see the reflected video on the chrome surface as the camera moves around the object. In the 3d viewport I can bake the Cubemap and see exactly what I want, sometimes with auto bake on it will it will auto bake when I change positions on the timeline, sometimes not.
The problem I have is when I want to render to a png image series or to a Quicktime movie the camera moves around the scene but the reflection remains static on the first frame of the .mov video. Have tried F12 render and viewport render with no sucess. Any help would be grreat, have been working on this problem for about a week now with no luck!!!

Thanks Ray

Here’s the Blend file:

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Have I posted this in the wrong section of the forum?
If so, where should I put it?

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Changed it for you… To Support>Materials tagged texturing +animation…

Hi, have a look at this thread, I have not tried it but it does say solutioned.

Thanks, will check it out.

It might be a workaround, but have you considered putting the movie in the world instead? It’s not exactly the same, but where it differs, the world is probably more appropriate than a mesh cylinder.

Home brewed cylinder mapping because I couldn’t figure out Blender’s tube mapping lol :slight_smile:

Hmm…interesting idea. Thanks

Thanks DNorman. Checked it out but I can’t script at all… Tried a simple copy paste but no luck. If i knew more I could probably get it to work.