Reflection rotating with UV map

I made a texture and applied some scratches using an image texture node and a normal mapping node. But now when I rotate the UV map to adjust the texture, the reflection of a light on it is also rotating with it. I know it is something to do with the normal mapping node. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this?

A normal map image is an image that has been generated with certain specific properties-- usually, not something handmade.

Yes, the “tangent” being referred to in a tangent space UV map is the UV tangent: the direction of increasing U. This tangent rotates when you rotate the UVs. This is one of the reasons why a normal map is generated with specific characteristics. It’s built around your existing UVs, and if you change your UVs, it will no longer be valid.

You’re probably better off trying to use a bump map to do what you want.

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