Reflection with no floor

Hello, is there any way for me to create a reflection of a logo on a floor but when rendered you wouldn’t see the floor itself only the reflection? Does that make sense/ I pretty much wanted to create a logo that only includes the logo and a reflection with a white or alpha background. Thanks!


sure it makes sense you can use a transparent glass material maybe or use light path nodes for glossy reflections on diffuse material I think!

Here is an example for Blender Internal that uses the Object Index as a mask to help isolate the icon or object. Add your object to the stage, in this example file, and set the Object Index for your object to 2. The Max Distance of the floor plane material controls the falloff for the reflection. Note tool tip in screenshot.

Some kind of similar masking trick is probably doable in Cycles as well.


267_icon_on_relection_with_alpha.blend (91.1 KB)

Thanks, I did the exact same set up in cycles but couldn’t get it to work, I’m going to play around with it some more though.

simplest way is to use the ray visibility options disable the camera ray on the floor object

Awesome thank you I got it working!

Hmmm… that does not work for me. If I turn off the Camera visiblity on the floor I no longer get any floor rendered. I still want the reflection.

Do you have an example file doublebishop?