Hey all…check out this pic…
I started with something in mind for the weekend challenge,
then saw another concept and went with it…
let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Woo! i’m a fan snailrose, that looks great =D. i’ve always had a weak spot for peices of face hung up by hooks :wink:

LoL…thanks man :slight_smile:
if the link doesn’t work here is another link


ughh! that will give me nightmares for at least a week. Exceptionally well done.

Any chance you want to apply your considerable talent to modeling an old tree with a face in it? Not a nightmare face, just a face in the bark.

Hey…My intention isn’t to frighten, not in the least…all it is; is a form of constructive expression, I prefer to look at darker things, not that trees with faces or a rose doesn’t intrigue me…I like to think that I explore all options of creativity…keep in mind I’m still learning, so what I think I’m trying to say is look at all the angles…its more fun that way :smiley:

thanks for the criticism


I had a simmilar idea and you beat me to it!!! :wink:
I sketched a pic of a face (just the skin) streached by hooks over a stone well, with small soft balls of light going through the mouth, and through the mouth and eyes you could see the pit fires of hell. A soul swallower i guess. :wink:
Anywayz, brilliant work man, i like your stuff!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

That reminds me of some Bill Fleming stuff. Great work! :smiley:

Cool cool cool man. I think I’m in love now…no no but really great images. I like your style. You still make better and better images. And a lot of. Can you tell me where do you make textures? thanks and stay in increasing quality of your work…

vosa -¦-

Hey thanks man, I make the textures in Photoshop I’m sure that gimp will work as well, for example the back ground texture was simple I made a separate blend with DupliVerts of a small plane in the shape of a leaf and added a tech texture from and blurred it and added some filters set it on a plane with the wave effect “thanks wewa_jucyburger for showing me how :D” and applied it to the world as well with mist to it… the others were ether made in Photoshop or downloaded from the link…

Btw does any one know of any really good texture links, although most of them require a final touch to suit your tastes?


very nice job!..u cant go wrong with seperated hung and strecthed skin pics :wink: great eye too =D

How did you make that realistic skin? And it look a bit of Radiosity use? Have i right?

that’s definately your best and most deep pic.
i love it.
you really captured emotion in the eye and
the skin looks surreal.

i like the spawn pic from your site too.

Hey…the skin is just a screen shot painted over in photo shop with a skin texture applied to it, and a lot of blending to get it to look right, and a bump map of the same pic
As for the lighting its regular lamps and only shadow spots…


waaaay cool ,and well done,i love creepy stuff!! :o


Nooo… And i thought is was created in Blender only… But anyway it’s still a great picture!!

wow impressed

bet it hurts!