Im trying to make object reflect whatevers near them, and be able to set the reflectiveness, but i just cant figuer it out!

i looked a 2 tutorials, but they didnt make sence.

help, please.


Hi, (welcome on Elysiun, BTW)

here’s the very short way:
-in the Shading (F5) menu, click on the Mirror Transp tab.
-click on the Ray Mirror button
-set the RayMir value from anyting from 0.0 (no reflection) up to 1.0 (full reflection)
-in the Material tab, set the Mir color to anything suitable for you
-in the Scene (F10) menu, disable EnvMap and enable Ray in the Render tab.

->Go render!

u don’t have to disable envmap

(yes you’re right, but it’s mainly in case he tried to set envmaps before enabling Ray, and don’t want any envmap artefacts messing with the raytraced reflection, and because I feel its “cleaner” to disable the envmap button :wink: )

Hey, thanks! It worked :smiley: