Hi I have a logo i’m trying to put a glass floor with a reflection of the logo.
I seem to be on the right track. I have my logo and my glass looking floor.
I even have my reflection…almost. I have a very large looking reflection at the bottom of the frame after render. It is a long way from being right at the bottom of the Logo. And you can only see the bottom half of a few letters that are in the reflection, and it is very pixlated.
Can anyone lead me to a link to a tut.? I have looked and looked.
I think if i could just slide the reflection back to the logo the size would be fine. To tell you the truth I don’t know what i need to adjust the plain, or the logo.
Please Help!

The floor needs to have a reflective material: F5, MirrorTransp tab, set RayMirror on and give it a positive value in the slider below and a Depth (2 is good enough and won’t take too long to render).
Then goto F10 and in the Render tab set Ray (raytrace) on and render.


You may be too intelligent for us… :smiley: would you mind attaching a pic or two so that we can see what you mean?