(dante) #1

I know that blender isnt a ray tracer but i’ve heard you can still fake reflections…

Can you do that? How?

(banana_sock) #2

you can give the object an env map and use an empty as the object. It places a sorta camera at that location and applies it to the object. There are tutorials at the top of the forum.

(dante) #3

Yeah, i looked at the tutorial in the tutorials sections but I cant get it to work. I’ve been messing with it for the past day and a half. I checked the blender knowledge base too, but that didnt help either. Any other good tutorials?

(dreamsgate) #4

try this one!

(dante) #5

I’m sorry guys… I CANNOT get it to work! Maybe its because I’m using v2.23? Could someone send me an example .blend file? I’ve worked on this thing for like, two days and it still doesnt work…


(Enzoblue) #6

Here ya go!

Got this from a tutorial, my apologies to the maker for forgetting where I got it from. :\