tehe jsut done this for a bit of fun but learnt a few things wooooooooh

I like the effect of the square bowl. Very neat. Reflections are fun to play with.

The three shadows are annoying…I can see the three lights tht u have used in the reflections on the spheres…y dont u just allow only one light to cast shadow???

Maybe he used lots of lights to add a more spread effect to the image.

The glass shader should be harder, too soft right now.
And yeah, turn off shadows on all but one of the lamps. That would make it so you can actually see the reflection on the floor w/o so much distraction.

hmmm yea i mite try taht but at the moment im only usuing a slow pc and that pic took liek an hour to rener and cant be bothered to wait but when my good pc is back up and running ill give it a try