After finishing up my latest application I had the urge to do something animated. The music featured here was the song I was listening to when I felt the need to express myself artistically. Reflections… I’d say, for me at least, this is about self reflection. As I worked on this I was really just pouring through my life and pondering some of the things I’ve accomplished, the things I’ve thought about, things I’ve dedicated myself to. Of course when you watch this you can certainly take your own meaning from it, if any.

The video was a bit abstract. I could sense that there’s a general theme dealing with the world. The earth on top of the head, the structural design with the magnetic fields and there’s the person who was, from what I think, is looking at the world from a different perspective.

Outside of that, I got nothing.

You certainly got something. I find that a work of art can be interpreted in as many ways as there are people, though not everybody puts forth the effort. That’s not to say that they should or shouldn’t, just the way it is.

That creation of art is definitely soothing. The lighting kept me in a state of subdued. I can see this display of art at some of the finest clothing stores all over the world. The transitions were perfect.

Yes, it is a very nice video. It would have been nice to see a bit of character movement and expression.

Thanks for the comments! Sometimes I get inspired out of the blue, for instance I just created a nature scene with Blender Internal last night after watching a scene in the movie “Me, Myself and Irene” with hill like mountains fading into the distance. I haven’t done much with Blender lately because I’ve been working on a desktop application, but after watching that scene I just felt the need to get some healthy Blending done. With this video it was the song that inspired me. Just listening to some music and all of a sudden I was captured by my artistic side.

As far as character movement and expression goes I would’ve liked to have some of that in the video myself. Character animation is not something I’ve done much with aside from basic walk/run cycles and a few other simple motions. At some point I’d like to get more into character animation, but I’m certainly not to the level that would’ve done any justice for this piece I think. Here’s to the future :slight_smile:

A very good video, Adam! All the technical attributes of the video were well done, but more importantly it was interesting to watch. I like it when people create works that are clearly about something, but execute the work in a way that allows for personal interpretation.

I feel that the theme of reflections is also echoed in the lighting, for instance. Both the woman and the Earth have very sharply defined shadows. Additionally, the distinction between light and dark is very pronounced. This could be another theme, opposites, where one is the negative or opposite reflection of the other.

I like your take on it James. I also wanted to show an intrinsic relationship between the person and the universe. We are not merely inhabitants here, but a part of what is here in the same manner in which neurons are not just living in the brain, but individual components of what the brain is constructed of. So I suppose one could say I feel that the universe is not merely an inanimate object with things living on it, but instead a living organism of which we are a part. Where our body is constructed of various different living organisms so too is the universe constructed of various different building blocks.

I like to call him MC2O for short or Multi-Complex Multi-Cellular Organism.