How can you make reflections in the game engine. I don’t mean a reflection map. If an object is moving in front of water or reflective surface should be able to see that object reflected. Thanks


render to texture reflect works nice for planes e.ImageMirror

there are realtime cube map reflection in upbge for spheres / cubes etc

Simply use UPBGE. It have a planar reflections.

I am using 2.49b 2.7 is buggy on my computer.


you could put a simple example, it is costing me a lot of work to understand the way in which the blender API documentation is made, it is not very clear
I still do not get used to his way of documenting in , he is orrible

So why dont you try UPBGE?

I don’t know much about UPBGE, but I will look into it.


check this

may help