Reflectionsissue in the tube.

Hello guys. I’m stucked here with a problem. The scene iss simple:
Blender engine, a tube with a camera inside of it. The environment is set to white.

What i want is to get reflections of the outside world on the inner surface of the tube.

I turn on the Mirror for tube’s material, and insted of smooth reflections i get these weird circles. Setting mirror depth gives nothing. Fresnel as well. And its not because of the hole on the other side of the tube. This problem occurs with Blender Engine, Cycles and even in Maxon C4D.

With Blender engine i can avoid it by setting Glossy to less than 1, but i want to have glossy reflections.
Is there any way to fix or a workaround?

what do you expect to see ?

happy bl

Dude, what do you expect it to reflect? You don’t have anything in your scene.

With white envir. overall and reflections set to 100% it has to be white inside, аnd it has to fade smoothly from white to black as i change Max distance from 0 to let’s say 100. It does happen if i set Glossy <1, but i want it to be glossy.
Changing rey threshold in C4D effects the amount of this rings, but they don’t dissaper.