reflective maps in blender game

i noticed the other day that there is a refl option in the map input section of textures.
after a bit of research i think it stands for reflective map.
how do i use it and make reflective maps for it

i cant understand what you mean.but if you want reflective maps in ge then just go to and see the reflections in ge tutorial.i hope that’ll help :wink:

Yes it is used for reflective map. How to use it ? Its simple just pick a texture set in map input section refl option and in map to set to Col, you can set the intensity by changing the slider Col

how to make one is what i am trying to say
what should it look like
to get a good reflection

It should look like environment map, sky box or some images of surroundings.

You can also use a UV texture for reflection with a similar effect. (nearly identical in GLSL mode)


reflect.blend (188 KB)

ok is there a way to set up the panorama setting to render skybox.
i looked around a bit but i couldent find one

Generally almost any image will work as a reflection map, as long as it has some variety. In a reflection of a non-flat object you can’t tell what you’re looking at.