Reflective surface not effected from bumps?...

I tried it by using a flat white image on the textures tab, checking the raymirror influence box and a noisy procedural by checking the normal influence box… but it was in vain.

The thing I want to achieve is a surface which looks-like a bumpy surface ‘clothed’ with a gel like non bumpy surface. I know, it is something that can be achieved by duplicating the object… scaling down one of the copies a little bit and assigning different materials to each copies of the duplicated object, to the inner one a bumpy material and to the outer one a glass like transparent reflective material. But the challenge is to do it on the same object just by using a shading trick.

Maybe there is a way to achieve it by using nodes… may some experienced one, in nodes’ use, give a nodes scheme that results in such a material? It will be of great help indeed. With such a material someone can do many things… from gel skinned organic objects to flake having car paint like surfaces.

Imagine a lightly bumpy surfaced metallic object coated with a thin smooth surfaced transparent and reflective gel on it… it will be easily perceptible.

Thanks for any help…

Well, it is done… I did find it by experimenting. I am putting the solution below, so that anyone who may need it may have it in mind. Do not forget to ‘play’ with the fresnel settings in ‘ray mirror’ tab… a well put balancing between the ‘gel’ like ‘glassy’ surface and the inner non transparent surface would be important, so that there may be a nice combination of the two aspects in the final appearance of the whole material.:slight_smile:

can you upload a sample file

but normally texture bump don’t affect shadow !

to get reflections you need to set some mirror for better results and
receive shadow

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RickyBlender, to be honest I did not understand what you did mean… can you be a little bit more clear…

I am putting a link with the Blender file of the previous material… and a render with a car paint material achieved by using the same method.

http: //

i was referring to the first post

to get some good reflections you must add some mirror effect , a reflection map, or a mirror map on your object

but also need some other objects to reflect on this object
or use an HDRI map which will create lot’s of reflections on the object !

but the render is looking vey good clear with good reflections.

mind you here you also did some reflections with nodes which is another way to do it!

now for bumps i mean if bumps are from procedurales texture it won’t affect or create any shadows
cause these are virtual effect and don’t effect light reflection!

keep up the good work

thanks for the sample file

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When using bumps the result would be always ‘virtual’, independently of using procedurals or image textures, as far as I know. The only way to produce ‘real’ shadows is to apply a displacement map. But, in such a case, you could not have the aimed effect of having smooth reflections on a bumpy surface. There you should use two meshes, something that would make the geometry density in the scene too difficult to handle.

I think that there is the relief map solution, which achieves both, without the need of creating ‘real’ geometry but it is existent only in Blender’s game side. Really it is a question: why not implementing the ‘relief mapping’ solution as an alternative in raytracing too, as an option in material editing tab?

As to ‘reflection maps’… thanks for the idea. It was something it went unnoticed to my attention. I will try them.

Thanks for the feedback…:slight_smile:

depends if your looking for reflections from lamps sources only or like mirror reflection

now HDRI will give lot’s of reflections but take longer to render!

and with BGE you might i think use a SKY dome to fake some lights all around !

happy 2.5