Reflex (psp wallpaper)

A couple hours of work since i wanted my own psp wallpaper. I have concepts but i don’t have a scanner, but i still could take a picture and post it up, let me know…
I am happy how this turned out, really looks like my concepts.
I called it reflex because as you can see, he is startled and quickly raises his arms, so yea, enough talking, image:

Blender 3D

C & C appreciated.

Just tested it out on my psp, it looks great,:yes:.

looks alright :slight_smile:
but imo it’s kinda empty and the model doesn’t have any interesting textures, and i think even just a really simple cube filled background would be better than a blank one
but hey, its your psp :stuck_out_tongue:
(Jeepster hits the creature with a shovel)

~shovel dude~

hey shovel boy,
well i had intended form the beggining to make this a cartoonyish image. Since the main psp menu also had icons, i didn’t want to make it hard to see, thats why i left a lot of green space.

ah, makes sense :slight_smile:
still i think you should make a little color variation in the background

i could do that?
what kinda colors are you talking about?

yeah, nothing complex or anyting, just instead of a solid green in the back, maybe have a gradient of green or somehting
see wat im sayin?

lol it is a gradient fading from dark green to light, guess you can’t see it.
i’ll just render it again with a red fading to pink.

oh, i guess i didn’t see it :stuck_out_tongue: must have been too subtile to tell
i’m guessing that’s just world settings that u used for the gradient, so maybe instead of using different kinds of colors maybe just make one of them darker and the other one lighter

Updated on first post.

ah, more noticible gradient
much better :slight_smile:

That dude got got any arms…well the octopus arms but i cant see that he got any “regular” arms. Want to explain that?

yes he does have regular modeled arms, I just didn’t include them.

I kinda like it. :]

glad you liked it man.

Very Nice…
can you post on imagshack :slight_smile: Sorry…

LOL mayn i forgot about that. Sorry.
Ill do it now.

Pink is def background material, looks much better than the green.
The model is cool, nice lighting and model, The Blur distorts the model a bit too much for normal viewing, but could look like real dof on a PSP.
I love it, mind rendering a big version, a’la’desktop?

4 stars man, Its dope.

ooooooooooo…thanks man lol…
Ok ill render it up big for a desktop, what’s your desktop size lol?


thanks bro