|Reflex V.1| Work In Progress FPS|

Hello. I have been using blender for a few years and I finally started my own project. I am by no means a pro, but I have something going here.

Here is a sneak peek(THIS IS LIKE PRE-PRE-PRE-ALPHA): http://youtu.be/UYU84b0yfqc

I have added the splash screens and menu. I got the menu idea from a post I saw on here and recreated it. The menu is a beta… It will be changed…

Input welcomed! This game will be an arcade style FPS with some slow motion effects (If I can Figure out how to do it. I think I do)

I plan on finishing this “version 1” of the game and then when I learn more, make a second version that is improved and so on and so on. I really want to make this game graphically pleasing and use neat GLSL shaders.

If you would like to help, just PM my youtube account and I’ll reply right away… I really need a programmer because I know logic bricks will only get me so far and my python knowlege is very limited.

Features I plan on having in V.1:
• AI
• Respawn
• Pause Menu
• Realtime DOF
• Ammunition System(Bullet counters…not really ammo boxes. Just a reload function)
• Bloom
• Color Bleeding of Objects
• Transparent Objects (Real Transparency… not the fake BGE transparency that looks like plastic.)
• Score System

As you can see, the list above is a huge challenge for me because I know little coding. I can code small programs on a normal IDE but I have never coded for a blender game. So if you would like to help, please speak up.

ANYWAYSSSSS, input is gladly excepted and please enjoy!