Reformating BSod

I’m starting to reformat the Blender Summer of Documentation to make a pdf readable book (i prefer to read on paper).
I wish to know if it’s possible to put here the files as i finish them, or if it’s against the license.

If possible, i’ll post them as ODT, Openoffice format.

p.s. sorry if this is not the right forum topic.

Wouldn’t pdf be a more universal format ? Open Office has an excellent PDF output and it is not everyone who can or want to install it to read its proprietary format.


Sure, it’s just export.

I wanted to keep an open file to be altered my who wish to. I can put both, no problem.

I just wait for a positive answer.

The Blender documentation licence would indicate that it isn’t a problem.
I think posting both would be a good idea, since readers can use the PDF, and anyone who wants to edit it (for whatever reason) can do so.

By the way, to be pedantic, the ODF is not a proprietary format, it is an open format, created because of proprietary formats like the MS DOC “industry standard”. And last I heard, MS is (by necessity) supplying an ODF translator, so even MS Office users will be able to edit it.

No you’re right : I slept on that one.


Hey MADCello, there might be an easier way . . . but first, some copyright clarification.

Officially the BSoD projects are under the Open Content license:

What this means is that you can copy, modify, and redistribute the work, but:
*you must give the author credit.
*the derivative work must have the same license so that others can modify, copy, and redistribute the derivative work as well.
*the license and warranty disclaimer must be prominently displayed.

OK, now that’s out of the way . . . you mentioned reformatting, but there might be an easier way to generate an offline version.

I made a PDF out of my BSoD tutorial, you can see the current version at:
(in the “Offline Version” sidebar)

To make it, I first clicked on the “Printable version” link on the left side navigation of each page. Once it finished loading, I sent the page to an Adobe PDF print driver. Alternatively you could print to a generic postscript driver and convert the output to PDF.

As you can see, there are a couple of issues: sometimes a sidenote spans 2 pages, or text gets a little scrunched on one side. But for the most part it comes out nicely without any reformatting whatsoever.

I have access to a full version of Adobe Acrobat, so I was able to compile all the pages together into one PDF. I’m not sure if there’s a program that does that for free. If you need a hand with that, PM me and I’ll be glad to help out.

When you’re done, I think the best place to post them would be on the Blender wiki (and an announcement here, of course).


Hey Ryan !
I hope that you heard for at least 183 pages worth how great your tutorial is. I intend to translate it to French as soon as I am done with Blenderart and Colin’s own BSoD.

Really, OpenOffice can do a neat job. What I do, since I have editing rights, is to copy the wiki source page after page and paste it into a single document in my talk page then download the printable version. It leaves very little to clean up in Open Office, and the editing to get neat pages is quickly done.

Your tutorial deserves that much.


Ryan, thanks for clarifying the open content licence, I didn’t realize it was different. You should know though! :slight_smile: BTW, thanks again for that tut. I still have finish get back and the NLA parts though :frowning:

I’ve used a couple of PDF printer programs, plus the IE Acrobat Creator (name?) plugin, as well as OO Writer. I used to edit & reformat a lot for my own use, have a binder full of tutorials. All out of date now of course. :slight_smile:

I think it would be better to use something (Writer makes sense) to reformat it into a nice print version, rather than use just the printable format. First time there’s a change, it would throw everything off again otherwise.

As you noted, there’s going to be some sidebar and margin issues with the automatic printable version. Also the image size and format would need optimization.

@ MADCello:

I would be very grateful if you post your reformatted files - either OpenOffice or pdf - or both.

I know that way of doing PDFs, but i dont like it because of you said, bad formating. I’ve no access to Acrobat (not legaly), so i’m copying/pasting into Openoffice.

I’ll post here the first half of “Introduction to Materials and Procedural Textures” (i started here) to get more oriented critics.

It still need page numbers and revision in Table of Contents. to Materials and Procedural

Thank you!

p.s. if you know the link from where i can copy/paste the license, i’ll apreciate.:slight_smile: (lazy guy)

If your on a mac we have print to pdf of anything that can print. And then an app to turn it into booklets*

I use these all teh time makes really nice simple printouts

Only because it is you…


Thank you.:o

No, Thank You! This is a Wonderful Idea (notice the caps) especially the OpenDocumentFormat. I can’t wait! Are they done yet??? :wink: Really looking forward to something I can download and peruse at leisure.

looking good . . . one crit I have is that the key commands (“Shift-P” for example) are white on gray background; I’m not sure how well that will print out.

PDFtk has a lot of excellent tools for manipulating PDF documents. You need to be comfortable with command line tools, but it is well worth the time in familiarizing yourself with it. I have the full version of Acrobat but still use PDFtk for some things because it is much easier (quicker) for certain tasks.

stop with the OpenSource/propreitary crap please. Use PDF because its widely known and used. If you dont like Adobe, then use Foxit Reader for reading PDFs. Don’t upload as OpenOffice files or whatever because it will just cause more people to post saying “How on earth do I open this file?”

I use Foxit Reader.:slight_smile:

A simple answer (or link) will solve the unknown Openoffice format. I some wan’t, he use it, if someone don’t, don’t use it.

Anyway, this will take a long time (all the docs) cause i don’t have 24x7 days free.

Maybe tomorrow i’ll post the first BSOD (Introduction to Materials and Procedural Textures, by Colin Litster (Cog).

If someone wan’t, this could be a shared task, each making a book. Just post here wich book he/she started.:slight_smile:

p.s. bad english today (just wakeup now)

I wouldn’t mind ODT, personally.

I don’t see why anyone would since PDF will be offered too.

Anyways :slight_smile:


I’ve done the Lighting tutorial, both ODT and PDF.

I’ll pm you on these.