Refraction distortion


I´m rendering a cara in Blender 2.71, Cycles. The windshield is a thin curved object with Glass shader that is generating a very strong distortion. The seats seem to be inside water… How can I control how strong I want this effect to be without afect the reflection? If I decrease the IOR to 1, for exemple, the distortion desapears, as well the reflections…


Your glass needs to have thickness, Cycles is thinking your entire interior is a solid block of glass. Either add a solidify modifier to your glass to give it some thickness, or use IOR=1.

Thank you J-the_Ninja! In fact, the windshield hadn´t no thickness. After applying the Solidify modifier, the glass worked perfectly.

Thanks again.

J is right, but for thin glass like that where refraction does basically nothing to the final result, I’d recommend not using a glass shader at all. Mix a transparent shader with a glossy shader and work with that. It will save you tons of render time.

Hi m9105826. I´ve already made this. Thanks.