Refraction Material Only Refracting World and Not Other Objects

Hello everyone, it seems my refraction material is only being affected by the world HDRI and not taking into account the other objects and lights in the scene… is this a blender limitation or could I be doing something wrong? Any help much appreciated! Thanks
Using Blender 2.83 and Eevee with screen space reflections and refraction on.

Do you have refraction enabled both in render settings and on that specific materials settings?

Keep in ming that only materials with opaque and alpha hashed blending modes are refracted.

Oh there we go! The magic happened when I enabled the screen space refraction on the actual material in the materials tab! Didn’t see that before, thanks so much!

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I actually realized a weird thing that one of my materials still isn’t refracting. Its a material with a transparent shader and an emission shader going into a mix shader. Is there a reason why a material like this wouldn’t refract even with refraction turned on in material properties and with an opaque or alpha hashed blend mode?

I can’t replicate it. I don’t have a good guess why it woudn’t. Only thing I that comes to mind is maybe you have refract enabled on the the object that’s behind the one that refracts.

Only one object can be refract with Screen Space Refraction, and for this you must check “Screen Space Refraction” and “Render > Screen Space Reflections > Refraction”. If you assign to second object, SSR will broke. This is Eevee, welcome to realtime render world.

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