Refractions in UPBGE through nodes?

I know there’s a Refraction BDSF shader in the Shader Nodes, but I am trying to create refraction for water. But I tried to simulate it, and it didn’t work. How can I make a material that refracts?

maybe this video tutorial help you, if no, - use youtube and tags - UPBGE realistic water

You should not be using a Refraction node for reflections. A similar PBR node will suffice.
Perhaps you also forgot to enable the SSR (screen-spaced-reflections) setting and/or lower roughness per reflective material.



Respectfully, I do not think your shared video is relevant as the thread owner is using UPBGE 0.3, not 0.2.

Sincerely, but also the author of the post did not write that he uses version 0.3 on eevee, so I threw off the video for version 0.2, and yes, refraction can be done on nodes in version 0.2, and the author of NutyPlay on YouTube makes amazing shaders even in versions 0.2 - but thanks anyway for the video, I was also interested in it view