Refractive light and abstract colour animations

I’m quite new to Blender but dabbled in modelling over the past couple of years. I’m wanting to really boost my material, lighting, shading and rendering skills by creating some cool refractive glassy visuals. Ideally they’d be animated to fully show off the colours / light moving through the material, so found some references of what I’m after. This is an awesome photographs by a guy called Shane Griffin and also two links to motion graphics by a UK agency called Studio Treble (kudos to them both):

Throwing myself in at the deep end with this, how should I go about creating these sorts of visuals in Blender?

You’ll need some suitable materials first - perhaps take a look at the threads below.

After that - it’ll be all about how you set up your lighting and background.

Super useful, I really appreciate it!

Dear Robert, have you found the way, how to make this abstract shapes?