Refresh/Regenerate material with each new copy of object?

Hi, this has probably been asked somewhere before, but I’m wondering if there is a way to automatically refresh/regenerate a procedurally generated material/texture on an object each time I make a copy of it to use elsewhere in a scene. Specifically I’m looking to regenerate a wood material that is applied to 4 sides of a beam (like those used to support the ceilings in old coal/gold mines), the ends of the beam won’t be visible so I don’t need to worry about those but I’d like to be able to just copy the beam and drag it to a new location in the scene without having to worry that it will look identical to the one I copied it from (just for the sake of speeding up the creation of the scene mainly). I know that obviously the material would need some sort of randomization feature in it to generate a unique appearance, but how would I make it generate that appearance on each new copy of the original object? Please keep in mind that I really don’t know my way around the node editor very well yet and am not very familiar yet with all of it’s features/capabilities.

Thank you for any help you can provide,

Use the Random output in Object Info node. It gives you a random value for each instance, which you can use to randomize the textures. Either use it to shift texture coordinates, change some attribute of procedural texture etc.