Refreshment in the Woods

​Hello guys! I’ve finally managed to finish the project that I almost abandoned! The render time was about 13 hrs, and all was done in Blender and Photoshop. I wanted to go for a Finnish looking forest scene with nature and food. And yes, I nearly abandoned this project, actually I had to restart it because I didn’t have a “perfect idea” that may look photo realistic in the final render. I’ve then ended up utilizing various methods of compositing to create a photo realistic final image that had color correction, lens distortion, etc. The render engine utilized in this scene was the famous cycles render. Please note that the image below has a lower quality than it should have due to the picture size limitations on BA.

Please share your opinions!

I would not eat that muffin lol. I’d probably drink that iced tea however. The blending of the stump into the ground is expertly done and covered at the base with the moss. Good job!

The stump, tiny mushrooms, and all the mossy goodness is beautiful. Wow! I’m very impressed.

There is something that disappoints me about this image though and that is how the mossy stump, the glittery motes of dust in a beam of light, and the concept of a meal in the woods all say whimsy, but the single nondescript glass and lonely bran muffin are so utterly unwhimsical. I would love to see this set up as a tiny luncheon instead of a the contents of a stranded hiker’s backpack. It’s a fantasy 3D render, so hire the most expensive gnome caterer you can find. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Here are some screen shots:

The mushrooms had to be textured properly to get the realistic result.

Great image!

Howewer I think you can make it even more awesome if you pay some time to adjust lightning a bit :slight_smile: Atleast to my eye lightning is too flat and desaturated, Id like to see results with normal 3-light setup :slight_smile:

The glass needs some more work - the way it comes in very sharply seems unusual and attention drawing. In addition the lean is very distracting as well… I agree with Tyto that something more ‘magical’ or even unusual might be nicer and more consistent - why not a goblet? At least a piece of cake with icing? The texture on the stump is looking quite metallic! Intended?

I think It is a very well done modal and yes there is room for improvement but there is in about every modal out there so i think your ok :). P.S. I want a muffin!!