Refrigirated - animated short film

Hello everyone,

I’m working on an animation project. I named it ‘Refrigirated’ but this is a working title so I might change it later on. The runner-up is ‘Refridgirated’.

The story is still being written although most of it has already been written down.
I wrote some sort of a breakdown in a notebook I use for projects. It’s in Dutch though. I will translate it today or convert it to a script.

I started with the ‘breakdown’ because I want to focus on the animation itself and the storytelling so I skipped the script and wrote down what shots would be in the film.

The main character is going to be a slightly modified version of Nathan’s Biped rig. Again I do this because I want to focus more on the animation and storytelling instead of modelling a character.
He will be nameless although I call him Biped which is a very original name.

He is going to fight a lot of . I’m not going to tell you yet.


Lemme guess… bipeds?

Kudos for focusing on the animation. This is often overlooked.
Good luck!