Refurbishing textures

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Let me get straight to the point.

I would like to know if there is any pipeline, or any method to be used in refurbishing low resolution textures. What I would like to do is: I have a few 512x512/256x256 resolution textures, and I would want to make them 2048x2048 or even 4k, of course with the added detail, not just resizing them in Photoshop.

Now I know the question is kind of a dumber, but still what steps would you take, if you wanted to do the same? I didn’t really find any good resource on this topic (which may be a sign there is no real way of doing this…).

PS: Some background: those are textures from an old game, and I am porting it to a modern engine.

An example of a texture I want to refurbish is one like this:

What approach would you take to make it 2048x2048?

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try to tile it in gimp or blender

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There is no automatic way of recovering detail that has been lost due to down scaling a texture. Up scaling can only ever interpolate or sharpen detail present in the low res version - it can’t really add additional detail.

The only way to get ‘added detail’ in the texture would be to paint in it into a resized copy manually using Photoshop, GIMP etc.

As an alternative - you could use the resized version of the texture to drive a mix node and add detail procedurally into areas you want additional detail.