[reg]UV tut

Is there a good uv tut besides the one on the tut list that is on a different virsion then my blender.
anyhelp would be great :smiley:

anyone? please help

this is one excellent tutorial:


I think there are pieces missing from that tutorial (see second comment). If you follow the steps in the tut exactly it doesn’t work.

Try this…

A much better tutorial. I’m not sure how helpful it’ll be for complex shapes though, any tips on those?

I’ll try it out on a complex shape and see how it turns out though.

Arg! I can’t get it to work. I don’t have any idea which edges to make seams. Would it even be possible to UV map this?

yes, it can be uv-mapped.

How would I go about doing it then?

Yes, this is actually a fairly easy model. Once you get used to it it’ll become easier for you to see.

Treat it as if it were made out of cardboard. For example, if the top trianglular section and the attached little square weren’t there, you could fold it open flat, so that it looked as if it were a big lower-case ‘T’.

Your seams, then, should be in the places where the cardboard ends: along the top edges of the model. Essentially, you’ll have an ‘inside’ and an ‘outside’ section.

Hope this helps.

thelonesoldier: I know what you mean… I have been working with blender for 2 years and I am still clueless on how to do UV stuff…

Someone want to actually explain all this in a way that makes sense?

like… how do you do UV images for a sphere?

Well, the edges are beveled, so there’s more than one edge for each… edge. Does that make a difference?

Thanks for trying to explain, but I’m still confused about where to make the seams.

Yeah, I noticed. I’d put the seams on the ‘inside-most’ edge so that the UV map will be continuous from the outside (more visible) edge onto the bevels. (No UV map’s seams are ever completely hidden, so it is best to place them in a spot where it is easily ignored.)

If you want to post the blend, I’ll mark the seams for you and post it back. That or PM me.