Regarding blender 2.49

I installed blender 2.71 played with it studied it for days straight so i could make mods for skyrim but than when i finally felt confident enough to start making armor/clothes found out i need nif scripts but only works on 2.49 version blender?

so i have 2 questions 1 how do you soften a mesh on blender 2.49? lol

and as for my second question is there anyway to open skyrim. niff files on 2.71?

1 how do you soften a mesh on blender 2.49?
Soften a mesh ? Please explain what this means

If you mean smooth shading

I meant smoothing it and i just figured out how by playing with it. but i still hope there is a way to open .nif files with 2.71 I really don’t like this 2.49. feels like windows 95 for some reason.

Use NIFSkope and export them as OBJ files. Then you can open them in 2.71.

@Atom: “Latest Stable; Known issues - .Obj export not working” :(.

Edit: while it states “obj not working” - it is, at least on code compiled from git today.
dae is working too as far as mesh import to Blender goes; have no any example files with animation.
I’d prefer dae since obj imported is huge and face down.

Hm, curious could that mean some other nifskope versions work?