regarding blender 2.5 crash on running out of memory

i know some ‘getting more memory sticks’ will be expected
just been wondering can’t blender (even in stable 2.5) really solve this by introducing some new methods (like swap to hard disk)? why lots of commercial packages/renderers just handle same big scene with same memory without crashing, it’s very frustrating as some scenes just aren’t possible to render on low memory rig(normally lower than 4g)

Functionality to allow swapping to the hard disk during rendering would make it a really slow process, as the memory in the hard drive is much slower than RAM and fast memory is needed for most functions.

Blender already has something like this in place for sculpting (where the sculpt data is saved to the hard-drive which was needed to sculpt tremendous amounts of geometry as part of the Sintel project), and there’s an option in Windows to increase the maximum size of your memory paging file (more usable on 64 bit systems, swaps to the hard disk when you’re still below the limit, but you’re using all your RAM). Personally, I have doubts that using hard disk memory would become a real alternative source to RAM until the new, much faster, SSD drives become more affordable and widespread.

Even in the VSE, cacheing seems to be sluggish (or a memory hog) compared to commercial applications. I can load up long timelines in FCP and not have to worry about all the media jamming up the Mac. Not so with poor old Blender.

I am certainly not complaining, I realize this is hard stuff. It’s just that, unlike the 3D view, I don’t need to see all my media at once (ignore scrubbing for the moment). whereas in the 3D scene I guess you need all that geometry to be available right in front of you, at once.

you can use the swap space on linux, but it makes everything sooooo incredibly slow that it is practically useless. buying more ram sticks is really the only option, or rendering your scene in parts