Regarding Cupcake topology

I am trying to model a cupcake and I am having trouble modeling this zigzag grooves on the side of the cake. I can’t get it to look like the reference. The reference cake has a smooth side near the wrapper and I get a bit of curved.
Would love to know how can I improve it.

Cupcakes.blend (702.4 KB)

It may be a little overkill, but you might be able to make your cupcake mesh a cloth simulation using the new Cloth Pressure setting. Read about it in the manual here:

You could set your cupcake paper as a collision object and inflate your cupcake batter so that it plumps out above the grooves. You might end up inflating your batter all the way out of the paper, so your could create another domed collision object above your cupcake to restrict it from exiting the paper and set that object to be invisible to the camera using the object’s camera ray checkbox.

Let me know if you have any questions!

I tried this and to collide it properly with the wrapper, I needed a higher res sphere but even after the simulation, there is some bleeding along the edges and also, since I am using a high res sphere, the topology is not very good and workable.
Thanks for the answer though.