Regarding insets on car surface [from SpeedTiti's tutorial]


I am trying to model insets for cooling as in SpeedTiti’s tutorial


The tutorial says

“For cooling down the flat 4, 2 opening are needed and are made by extrusion, after eliminating 2 edges, then scaling at centre, followed by 2 extrusions downward (It is best to put some space between middle vertices in order to make the edge sharper).”

I am a bit lost. Which 2 edges do I need to eliminate?
Can anyone tell me?


I have not done that tut but it looks good. I assume the model is still mirrored so extrude the 3 face, scaling down, then select (and delete) the 2 middle edges to create the hole.
The one I did is fast and no subsurf so it wont look like the tut but it’s the idea.

Good luck!


Hi Claude,

That did the trick.
I just was not seeing the problem from another angle.

Thanks and Regards