Regarding " set smooth"

I am following the book which ask me " Locate the Links and Materials panel and click Set Smooth"
from Blender 2.49. I can only use 2.79, and can’t find “Links and Materials panel” to set smooth.
anyone knows where I can find that? Thanks!

Switch into object mode then the panel at the left of the screen look for smooth and click that. It will set all faces smooth.

Hi, I did that, and find smooth under " shading", does that one can set all faces smooth? or just shading .

yes , it sets all face smooth

“Set Smooth” is basically an easy shading trick. A useful trick, but a trick nonetheless.

You need to have plenty of geometry to make it work well because it basically considers adjacent faces. The docs briefly describe how the algorithm actually works, and these are well worth reviewing.

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