regarding soft body tutorials.....

Does anyone know where there r any non video soft body tutorials…for us dial_up challenged people ??? Other then the lil blurb on the release of 2.37 ???

No there isn’t at the moment.

I’ll make one now though, give me half an hour


Level: Intermediate

  1. Add-> Mesh -> Plane

  2. “S” To scale Press 3 to scale to 3 Blender units

  3. “tab”“Num1” to go to front view, use Z widget to go above the cube

  4. “tab”“W” “Subdivide” x2

  5. New Vertex Group, call it anything, (older softbodies needed to be “SOFTGOAL”)

  6. Set weight to 0

  7. Press assign to assign all the selected verts to the vertex group

  8. Go to object mode, then object buttons, then softbody

  9. Enable softbody, set gravity to 10, click the two arrows on use goal, set it to the vertex group

  10. Press alt-a to see what happens, the plane should fall down, straight through the cube

  11. Select the cube, go to the particle tab, click deflection, then set damping to 1

  12. Press alt-a. The plane will be affected by the cube but only slightly.

  13. What I find works is: Select the Plane again, “Tab” to go to edit then “w” subdivide x2 again (should be 289 verts). Click the Stiff Quads button
    You will start to see it looking good at around frame 25, it depends how high you put it on the Z axis

  14. Mess around with the other settings, as my way probably isn’t the best way, subdivide further for more accurate (slows down lots)

  15. Try setting the weight of one side of the plane to 1, as it won’t move

16.Click “bake settings” => “BAKE” once you have finished and it wont calculate Softbodies every time you press alt-a














Here’s one for rigged characters

Gee, that was nice of Alex_G to write out the tutorial like that. :slight_smile: Oh yeah, sorry about getting your name wrong last time. I always get you and your brother Ali mixed up.

Thanks for the tutorial Alex_g…I will put it to good use right away!!! Much appreciated!!!