Regarding the Refractor plugin

(Riskbreaker) #1

Does anybody know how to use this thing???

I load it in as a texture plugin and it gives my mesh a freakin’ rainbow.


(S68) #2

I’ve downloaded it

I’ve tried it

I switched to LightFlow


(theeth) #3

just read the instructions, it’s very complex to apply, but it will give you good results if used correctly.


(eeshlo) #4

In S68 style:

I created it
I tested it
never actually used it

No, you can get good results when you sort of understand how & why it works, it is not a replacement for a raytracer. It doesn’t do actual refraction, it only distorts an environmentmap into a sort of refraction map (but it does do this using a method that is used in raytracing as well, it is not a hack in the sense that it just makes some random changes to make it sort of look like it is refracting). The disadvantage of this is of course that it can only simulate light going into the glass but not where it exits, that would really require raytracing. That is why it is called ‘solid glass’, I suppose that might come across as strange, isn’t glass always solid? But what I meant is glass that is closed, not a drinking glass, but closed objects like a sphere or cylinder. You can simulate certain things, but that requires reading the text included with the blendfile, something almost everyone simply ignores to do, and get frustrated cause they can’t get it to do what they want, something that seems to happen with all the scripts/programs I do, apparently I make things too complicated or something.
I know how to improve it now, but the plugin API does not really allow it (yet)…

(Riskbreaker) #5

you see, I would have read the text…but I dont have the blend file anymore.

Thanx anyways people.