Reggio Kindergarten

Hi All,

Here you have one of my latest projects. It’s an image for a kindergarten designed by the architecture office Ecosistema Urbano.
They had some previous day images and wanted to show the building in a different way to emphasise the transparency of the façade, so we decided to go for a sunset scene were we could still have people in the scene while showing the lighted interior.

The original model was done in Autocad which I imported to Blender. The render was done in Cycles and the main lighting was just an HDRi image. The main part of the work was done in Photoshop.

Hope you like it!


Great render! The shader on the building looks great, and I really like the post-processing work, too :yes:

Thanks SSimpossible!
Indeed, the polycarbonate shader was the one I spent more time as I really needed a realistic look from the 3D. This was a quick image, so I knew it was just faster for me to put the floor, background and rest in post-production, but I couldn’t “cheat” with the transparency.
Here you have it in case you are curious:


Wow, top level work! Really good.

One question; what exactly does multiplying the output with the same image do? I’ve seen that sometime before, but I have never quite understood what it does.

Hi Carlos,

Really nice work, as always! Especially the light quality of the rather close-up painted people. Do you combine all your rendering layers in photoshop? Also, great to see a client that allows your talent to really come through :slight_smile:

Thanks Oskarious!
The multiplying node is there just to control the displacement of the map as the default value (1) was too strong.

Thanks a lot Dimitar.
I usually work on the elements separately, so I use different passes for each object. I have folders with adjustments for the facade, pavement, etc. This is sometimes a bit tricky as you have to match the values of light/shadows of the overall image, but also gives me more freedom.

Indeed, it was a pleasure to work for this client even if it was such a small project. They just loved the idea from the very beginning. You know it doesn’t always happens :wink: