Regional blender users
Lets face it there are millions of blender heads out there and great projects to get involved in. the community sites for our use like blender nation and blender artists our great sources of tutorials and information and a great way to connect with other users, but what about blender users that all live in the same region? I live in Spokane Washington and would like to connect with other users in the same area how do I do that?

So I got to searching the web and found that we as a community we do not have our own version of a craigslist. what we do have is forums that allow us to connect to the whole of our community and these sources are great we as blender heads have been able to use these wonderful sources of online community sites to come together and create beautiful works of art.

My intention is to add another tool to our ever expanding tool box for blender, and hopefully in doing so bring those of us who want to collaborate on projects or just get together for a beer or soda depending on age and hang out.

Now I have reserved the web address and am already putting much of this together, but to do a really good job I would need people who are better at html than I am so here I am asking for help.

Pleas e mail me if anyone here would like to help [email protected]

also please post here and tell me what you think

lol ok guys i know there have been no posts here on this topic and thats cool i have recived a few e mails from people here and am happy to say we should be able to get this done againe from all of you who have sent me e mails thank you also we can alwase use more help on this.

May I suggest adding this to the many many user forums when you get it working. Thanks for coming up with this idea!

BTW many forums have the user’s location data already, eg its optionaly listed under your name at Blender Underground. So the data may already be out there!

p.s. I’m in Charleston SC USA