Regis - Sketchbook

Hey guys, how you all doing? I’m a graphic designer from Brasil and I’m currently living in Peru. I’ve been using Blender for a few months and I hace to say that I really like de workflow. Gonna be posting my studies over here and hopefully we can all grow together!


Done based on the concept by @art_trufanov ![Sushi|666x500]

Done based on the amazing concept by @arnaldopetazoni
Done based on the super cool concept by @titovviktor!


Hey guys, Just finished this one, keeping up withde Kids!
Tried using eevee for this one, trying some new settings.


great work! Keep it up!

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Hey, thank you so much!

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great week!

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Hey, Thank you!!! Keep up with the great work!
Have a great week you too!

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Hey guys, just finished the number 4 from KND. The other one was done a couple of months ago.


The last one from this series!!

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hey Guys, an update on stuff I’ve been working on. Some were made for work and others as practice.


I’ve been trying some small projects to better understand Blender. Was thinking about illustrations for an app to manage your very own little greenhouse.

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Hey guys, some stuff I’ve been working on

First time modeling a car, just realized I have no idea what is going under a car jajajj
I’ll keep updating the car as long as I’m modeling it.

Some improvements on the car.

Wanted to try some lighting too

Hey, an artist from Peru started a collab and the goal was to draw the other half of his art.
This is my try.

He goes by in instagram
Here is my full art

Also started paying more atention to materials and was trying some kintsugi inspired material and gold foil.


I really liked doing these mask like models!


Hey Guys, it’s been a while, just popping up to show a commission I was doing. It’s a set of animations for the portfolio of a product designer.
Had fun doing this one.

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Hey, this is a 3D model based on the sketch by the amazing @arnaldopetazonion Instagram!!


Heyyy, uploading this topic with some of my new work. Ive been playing with generative art and also modeling some characters and assets for an upcoming crypto experience that I cant show right now.

Thank you!!

Thank you

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Really like the stylized wireframe woman in the last one. Thanks for sharing!