Register function in blender 2.5


I’m upgrading some scripts from version 2.49 to 2.53, and I would like to know if in the new version exist a register function to draw an interface window in the script window. If not the only way to add buttons is creating them in the already defined spaces?

Thank you

For me your question is not totally clear.
I do not understand what you mean with ‘script-window’ do you mean the window (from default loading)
left above “Scripting”?

There are at least these possibilities
In the 3DView you can toggle two windows, where you can add … N key or/and T-key. (I did myself … and working)

In the properties window, each of the visible icons like, Render, Scene, World, Object … (I think up to Physics) you can add buttons etc too (Object I am totally sure but I think they behave all the same)

Hope this helps

In version 2.49 there was a different window appart of text mode that was called script mode or something like that. I think that in the new version this window has dissapear so I have to add my functions in the right panel.

Thank you.

Yep, the script window is long gone.

Now it’s either existing panels (like already suggested) or make your own UI with some (python wrapped) opengl magic.

Your best be is to look at the scripts in the extensions folder because people have already done both of these.

Excuse me, I’m newbe, could you tell me wher can I find the extension folder?

Thank you!

Things where you could investigate (other ‘solutions’) is dependent on your PC_system
Vista: */blenderlatest(here my blender.exe lives)/2.53/scripts/… <— where to look.

Ok, Thanks for your help!

Working with those scripts works great! I have edited the “particles” context in properties space in order to draw my own panels.

I have tried to do something similar with the video edit space, in order to erase the default interface and create my own. But the problem is that I can’t erase the grid with the time scroll. Does any one know how to disable it? Or where is defined this widget?

Thank your