Registration Question

(kevin3d) #1

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to be a foundation member but it took me until now to get my PayPal account ready. Once this was done I “confirmed” via email message from Blender3d, made my payment (forgot to mention “Donation” in message area) and proceeded to Member area. Does Blender3d send my a password? Do I need to wait for a few days before I have access (I think thats the case…but not sure)?

Sorry to sound so clueless, but i am…so there ya have it!

(CurtisS) #2

Use your email address as the user name and the password you used when you registered at At least that’s the way it worked for me. It could be that Ton hasn’t added you to the member list yet.

(kevin3d) #3

thanks…I’m probably being impatient