registry location ?

Can anyone tell me where the windows registry file is located, as well as the extension and the name of the file ?

It’s XP by the way.

You don’t want to do that.
No, whatever you’re trying to do, you don’t want to do that. You just don’t.


Search for USER.DAT and SYSTEM.DAT

You can edit your registry by going to the start button then select run.Type regedit.

Be carefull though.You should not change or delete any value if you are not sure about what you are doing.If you chage or delete a value you can harm your system and cause problems.

If you just want to clean your registry try a registry cleaner program :

It is much safer to use a program like that than cleaning registry on your own

Of course, user.dat and systom.dat, forgot completely about it, strange thing is, it was on one of my test. I pretty much have to edit it, since the computer I’m fixing can’t even boot to command prompt, something about can’t find the winsrv.

OK, here’s the deal, I’m trying to correct problems on a computer that was cause by the sasser worm, it won’t boot up cause it can’t locate the winsrv file, however, I have set the hard drive on the slave drive and would like to get to the registry, I try to do a search for the user.dat but all that shows up is ntuser.dat and it seems the regedit can’t open up the dat file. I read that it’s possable to import it in as a hive, but I still don’t know what file to edit, look for and I’m wondering if windows xp pro comes with a recovery registry. I can’t use mine cause mine isn’t a pro and it’s also a OEM brand.

So anyone know what can be done ?

If you can’t even boot to command prompt because of Windows probs, it is most likely a lost cause.

Have you tried to run progman.exe on that drive. If it works, try the system file checker utility and fix boot sector. If neither of those work, it is highly unlikely you’ll fix the problem without re-installing windows. You can follow the tech advice on the web, but it’s a toughie.

Just reinstall windows, it wont make a difference unless there is something really valuable on that computer you dont want to lose.

and if there is, that is what dsl or knoppix is for.

Run + Regedit

When I run the progman on the slave drive, it comes up using mine instead, not sure what this mean however.

When you say file checker utility do you mean Scandisk ?

Just reinstall windows, it wont make a difference unless there is something really valuable on that computer you dont want to lose.

I can’t the owner don’t have the cd that came with it, if he did, I wouldn’t be in this jam.

Tracer, I know about Regedit, again it only uses the dat on my computer, I read on a tech site that it’s possable to load a hive or import it into regedit, however they never said what file to import, won’t open or import the *.dat and *.reg file.

Any XP disk will do to reinstall the system. Just make sure you get the serial number of the installation before writing over it. Then plug in the (valid) serial number and activate as usual.

To find the “XP Product Key” you’ll need the utility at

Hope this helps.

Ah, that’s why he asked for the key number, well, I decided to let someone else fix it, I just pass on the cost to him. But on MS website, it suggested to copy the files onto a temporary directory then over the system files on the hard drive by using XP boot cd, Does it have to be the exact same model of the OS and is the key also needed to do this ? Just wondering.

No, most files for xp home and xp pro are the same. But the differing ones would cause problems. You would have to check modification dates to be sure. Of course, if it allowed you to get into boot mode that would be excusable.

If it opens your progman.exe, then it won’t help. You need the one linked to that operating system. Actually, it’s the system file checker utility. Not scandisk. Scandisk checks the physical validity of the drive. System File Checker goes through the needed system files and validates them. If there is an error, it gives you the opportunity to fix it.

One last thing you could try is using your command prompt to unload the cab files to the bad windows. I won’t go into details because you say you passed it off, but if you had to do it the instructions are on the microsoft knowledge base. Pain in the ass, and may not work, but it is a hope.

Won’t boot to comman promp either :stuck_out_tongue: But I know if I had the cd, there would be a way if you boot from the cd.

Yeah, but as long as you have it set as slave and it has a drive assignment on your pc, you should be able to extract files to it from the command prompt.

But I don’t know what files to look for :expressionless:

ntuser.dat is the registry file you need. However, each version of Windows from 95 and NT on has its own regedit. The fact that the name does not cange leads to no end of confusion. You have to use the correct one for the registry you are trying to edit as each one changes enough that the other editors will, if they even open them, only corrupt them.

One more thing. Regedit normally reads the registry the operating system is currently running. Registries are divided into two files one for the user and one for the system. So regedit opens the files that are currently being used right down to the user.

Thier are command line switches that will let you change this behavior but you have to do the research on them yourself as it has been way to long since I used them.

You might consider an easier work around. Do not begin this unless you are have read it and are sure. Delete /windows direcotry. Put drive back in original computer. Reinstall windows. Reinstall drivers and os updates. Most programs will still function you will just have to go through and make the shortcuts to them and they will not be in the start menu. This is not something I would do if I had been paid to repair the damage but it is something that I would consider on one of myown machines.