trying to reach the 2d vibe of digital art via 3d

the idea of the project is , to mange to create a 3d character the looks and match a 2d sketch
of course its not going to be a 100% match , but something 80% is ok
the fact that its a lowpoly model is a part of the ways of achieving and matching the sketch

i used freelinestyle and a simple gradient color texture made by krita
more on :

what do you think, any suggesting and critics ?!!!


Great work !

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thank you so much :slight_smile:

That’s good work, really matches the feel of the 2D.

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thanks you so much man !!! appreciate it :slight_smile:

You’ve demonstrated some amazing potential here. I think the ears could be a bit smaller but it’s a masterpiece nevertheless. Why not bring it to the next level with an animated short? I would love to see this character come to life.

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Looks really good! Only big difference is the hair has more structure in the sketch and harder shadows too. Or is it the other way around haha. Rest looks similar to me :wink:

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thank you so much,
actually i had an intention to creat a 1 or 2 minute animation of , but i am not sure when will i finish it !!

thank you so much, you are right about this
the hair has more structure in the render because of the shadows !!!

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Haha nice I actually like that Better! I also thought the one with shadows in the hair was the sketch since the eyebrows have more detail so good work you fooled me!

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thank you so much for you words
the sketch on the right, should be more detailed but i was out of time ,and it ended up this way :smile:

Did you do the eyebrows with transparency or manually placed all the vertices?

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i did with a transparency texture !!!

at first i wanted to do everything using polygons but i realized , its going to be really hard in doing it and controlling it , specially if i am aiming to create a facial expressions using shape-keys
so i used the texture method on top of a polygon eye brows

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Very nice! I am practicing on characters and this is a nice effect thanks for explaining :slight_smile:

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Wow - this is great -

Next stage is definitely animation - there’s some great things being done to make 3D look like 2D with stretchy rigs, low framerates, and so on…

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i am glad i cold help you :slight_smile:

thank you … i was thinking of creating short animation with this character, but its going to be very long till i finish it !!!

i love the look of this character! im glad that 2.5d aesthetics are becoming mainstream thanks to movies like into the spider-verse. fantastic job!

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thank you so much , :slight_smile:
yes movies like this gives inspiration and sometime thy reveal some tricks for us !!!

so for the last few weeks i,v been away mining our local problems
but i,v been working more and more to add more painting 2d style to the 3d toon project reham

i havent work on the animation yet, but as you can see iv made 2 toon render styles , one with 3 type of shading, the light the base color and the shadows !!! + some shadows shading lines

in the other renders ther is only the shadows shading lines , because its hard to have a great shading render angel

as you can see below the shading shadows lines are textures that are only apply,d to the dark side of the object, and its size is relative to the distance of the camera ,
the closer the camera the more shading lines are, the far the camera the less shading lines are

any crtic and suggestuns are welcome