Reina Cel-Shading NPR

I was finally able to get a more better NPR/toon shading.
The model was sculpted in blender using dynamic topology and for the toon shading, I learned from AtsushiTamaki techniques. Link is here. make sure to use chrome and translate in english:

For the character, her name is Reina. The model is only a head sculpt, so I haven’t retopo Reina yet. The hair bangs are made from nurbs curves.

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Finally managed to get a full body sculpt of Reina. Still getting used to sculpting characters, so improvement is a must!

Finished Retopology and Rigging for Reina. Only small thing left to do is finding a better way to animate hair. Used Retopoflow to make the topology of Reina and rigify for rigging and animation.

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