i deformed my mesh with getVertex(matid, index) and then i call the function reinstancePhysicsMesh() but the “physikmesh” dont change and the engine think that the mesh was not deformed. The function reinstancePhysicsMesh() returns only none.


Do you read my question?? ?! I know this link to the GameLogic API. wtf? :stuck_out_tongue:

You said “the engine think the mesh was not deformed” and Social answered your question. Physics will not respond to meshes generated or changed in game. If you have a sphere sitting on a plane and run a script to alter the mesh of the plane, the object will react as if it were still sitting on the original plane. Either explain your problem more or accept the solution.

this function now works as expected

For the longest time reinstancePhysicsMesh() was pretty much useless. Ideasman recently fixed it up so that it would at least work with triangle mesh bounds (the default when no other bound type is selected). You’ll need at least Blender 2.49.