Reivaj's little sculptures.

I’ll also use this thread as some sort of introduction btw :D.

While I’m relatively new to the world of 3D (6 months more or less) I’ve been making clay and wax sclulptures for about 2 years now. Some blacksmithing as well, for about a year, but it takes longer to learn that (so only 1 work, sorry) hehe.

I’ll try to order them chronologically. (sorry about some of them too big).

1st one after a long time of not doing anything. Traditional clay, black patina.

Some female studies (very basic):

Traditional Clay.

Cast pewter.

Warrior, pewter cast.

Forged iron flower (Based on a Calla).

(I’ll link to the next image, it’s just too big and I don’t know how to limit the width of the image)
Dragon - Traditional clay

And last, pewter casted last week - Dwarven fighter - Bronze and copper insets.

I say pretty good. Though I have never really tried to sculpt. So can’t critique really. I like the warrior and the Knight best.

we rarely see sculptures here. yours are wonderful. i like the sitting femal in particular, and the dragon has so great fluent forms. fantastic piece… the knight is very good too, you wrote “traditional clay with black patina”, do you mean you cast it in plaster and then put the patina on, or did you really mean you made a patina over the clay sculpt? thanks for sharing your work, it is wonderful.

Really like these little sculptures as well, and I would also like to know a little bit more about how you make them and what size they are.

Thank you!

The clay ones are made with ceramic caly, modelled directly and baked in an oven, then I add the patina that is basically a mix of floor wax, turpentine, black paint, graphite and a few other components that I can’t remember now. Once applied you can finish the surfaces by polishing those you want to be shiny (knight’s armor plates) or clean with turpentine to remove some intensity (for example, the skull on the knight’s shield).

On the metal ones you first make the wax model, then make a plaster mold of (I can explain it a bit more if you like), burn out the wax, pour molten pewter (or bronze). Once it cools you break the mold and retrieve the finished piece, and you can later make a silicon mold, and have many copies made.

I overlooked the link. Didn’t see the Dragon the first time. I like the Dragon but I think I like the Knight the best.