Rejected from Project Peach? Post here!

Rejected Peach hopefuls, congregate here and discuss what you plan to do.

I was rejected, possibly for not working fast enough or finishing my projects. In any case, I’m kind of relieved. I have my own project. When I get far enough on it, I’ll make a thread for it here. Until then, all I have to show is Toki. I’ve been really lazy for a long time, and it took almost a year just to design, model, texture, and rig him. He’s been modeled, textured, and rigged twice actually… the second time being much better than the last.

Come on fellow rejects, tell us what you’re up to. :slight_smile:

why wallow in misery!? I didn’t even try. 'Tis far nobler in spirit to know in one’s heart what is attainable, than to suffer the slings and arrows of a cruel world that would thwart any attempt."

aka “Why do today what you can put off tomorrow?”

I like Toki, for what it’s worth. Does that make me a bad judge of character?

Does that make me a bad judge of character?

Maybe. The idea is to post about it here as a way of looking up to the future. It’s a “Well, you didn’t get the job, but at least you have a lot of time to either find another, or start something.” sort of thing.

I didn’t apply so they rejected me straight away

Nice model Howitzer!
Can we see some animations or stills of the posed character?

A little taste of bitterness in your post?!
Your “Toki” it’s nice, well made!
But maybe not in the “mood” for the Peach thing?!

i got rejected too, they didn’t like my shoes.


Well, I didn’t get accepted either. They toldme it was because I’m Finnish (well currently I live in Sweden but I grew up in Finland) and they didn’t want so many knife fighting drunkards as working on the project as they had last time :wink:
To be a bit more serious, what I’m currently doing is trying to finish my project “Reapers Valentine” that i guess is about one-third on the way now. I also have one other project I’m working on as something as a side project when waiting for renders to finish and I dont got anything better to do. It is a movie called “The Outsider” based on H. P. Lovecrafts shortstory with the same name.

Yeah that’s what they told basse too. But he thought they said shoes, rather than shooooo

me inglish is’nt that kreat. :’(


Sorry for everyone that got turned down… good reason to practice and apply again next time!

What I am interested in hearing though is ‘who got in?’ (meaning… who can we bug for cake!!!)

who’s got the glamour… the power… the fame ?
bring out the names !!!

Don’t realy know why… but that just made my day! :yes:

I extend my sympathies to all those who weren’t selected. Don’t take it personally, you’ve all just got really strange names, that’s all.

I expect my invitation to join the project will arrive any day now. I assume * I * don’t need to formally apply but just in case they are sticklers for bureaucracy, when’s the deadline for applying?

they gave me the thumbs down after word got out about my special dietary needs, such as squid fritters and monkey loaf. that and the noogie thing.

What do you mean, strange names? :wink:

I applied because I was available and willing, unfortunatly, I have davincy syndrome: I never finish my works… sometimes they don’t even leave my head :smiley:

So I’ll have to proove that I can finish something before, lets see, june, next year…whats on my agenda…oh wait, I’m busy…now where was I? ah, yes, I remember rigging that mesh a minute ago promptly forgets to make schedule, or note anything in the agenda and goes back to blendering another new mesh.

:smiley: I wasn’t rejected.

I rejected them. :smiley:

:wink: In fact I didn’t apply at all. Too busy, too slow, too whatever you can think of :slight_smile:

I havent got a reply yet. Thats a -NO- right?

i was accepted by peach, but i rejected them…

Sago kept making advances at you, eh Wu?