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I’m learning Blender 3D and I think a good way to start is to make some simple wallpapers. After asking in the forum a few things about the grid and anisotropic shading, I made some wallpapers.

Blender 3D, not the first I made, but first here:

GNU/Linux, the first I made:


Kubuntu, my GNU/Linux distro:

There is an 8 wallpaper pack for Kubuntu:

I post this in Finished Projects, but any criticism is welcome.

looks great for a beginner/someone who’s learning blender :slight_smile: The Blender one is maybe a little too steely, but it’s good…
yea, and just for fun, have you read this before making the logo?

they seem to be pretty strict about the logo being perfect :slight_smile:

Thank you for commenting.
Well, I don’t know when I should stop to consider myself a beginner, the truth is that I had never before used a 3D design program and I am learning Blender from about 8 months, and I still feel that I have left very much to learn. That’s why I say I’m learning.
This is an earlier thread related to this wallpapers:

Yes, I have read it. From there I had downloaded the svg logo. I hope my wallpaper not be included soon as an example of “Bad Logo” :smiley:

Yafu, nice work! How did you end up doing the anisotropy, same for all, or a variety of ways? They all came out superb.

The thing looks awesome for a beginner, it just need some fill lights because the bottom is completely black