relatime fake edges

I found this video about how to fake cartoon edges in realtime, using material nodes.

but if I use this node setup, my character gets dark stains instead of edges.
what could I have missed or done wrong?

is it possible to fake cartoon edges with a 2d filter? does someone know any 2d filter doing this?

The node setup in the video looks like it should work, maybe you didn’t replicate it exactly?

I made a similar edge effect with material nodes, it might help.

You may need to zoom in to see the effect, the edges are fairly thin.


edgeshader.blend (209 KB)

thanks, but if I append this node setup to my character, It looks the same as it did when I made it after the tutorial. Like it would be projected on the wrong coordinates!?

there is always the “traditional method” where you duplicate the mesh in edit mode, scale it, flip the normals, and give it a black material, thought it may be worth mentioning.

I think it just looks so weird because the edges are to broad. how can I make them thin?
it also doesnt work in ortho view, but in perspective view the edges are too broad.