Relative Actions

Hello Everyone!

I want a platform that goes up and down, that I can then duplicate and put somewhere else where it will continue to go up and down.
what I had originally was I created an action of the platform going up and down, this worked great, except that when I duplicated them and moved them around they would all move to the original location, instead of going up and down.
So I was wondering if there was a way to make them relative, just adding the difference to their original location instead of moving to their original location.

Parent them to a empty, move the empty

to make a platform move up and down, you can use a delay and boolean

Delay x frames repeat-----------and-------------Toggle Property Flip

if Flip=True--------and--------------Move up

if Flip=False--------and------------Move Down


UpDown.blend (427 KB)

so simple and so easy c: