Relative Actions?

Hey all,
I’m trying to understand actions, animations, etc. I was wondering if it’s possible to make “relative” motion actions (or some other term).
Here’s what I mean. Picture looking at an airplane from the tail towards the nose. A “Bank Left” action would be rotate around the Y axis 45 degrees. (Keyframe at y=0 and then some frame later keyframe Y=45). Similar for “Bank Right”. (Keyframe Y=0 and then some frames later keyframe Y=-45).
All is well except that if I want to create the sequence Bank Left, Bank Right in the NLA editor doesn’t do the intended effect. Because the Y rotation is keyframed to Y=0 at the beginning of each action, stringing them together creates a big jump in the middle.

What I’d like to do is have a relative based action so it’ll be rotate 45 (or -45) regardless of the current Y rotation value?

Is that possible? If so, how?

----- Ed


you need to create those actions independently, while no action is active. If a previous action is active (ie displayed in the actions editor’s header) then any action created on top of that will be “absolute”. There was a discussion about this some time ago with Aligorith (developer) and he said he’d like to change that behaviour to make NLA strips “behave more like animation layers” iirc. In the meantime, you can’t really “stack” one action on top of another and expect it to register as relative to the previous one. It doesn’t work like that - yet.