Relative instead of Absolute path

When assigning the image file to the UV mapping and to the image textures, Blender uses Absolute paths for the filenames. Is there a way to use Relative paths to allow switching files to different machines and different directories? I have tried just putting in the filename, but it resorts to the Absolute path.


if you want to take the files to another machine, go under the TOOLS pull down and use the PACK DATA option. Then save the file.

Transfer the file to the other machine and load up the file. Then go back to the TOOLS pull down, and use the UNPACK DATA option. This will unpack the file, (with all you texture maps, etc.), into the current directory that you blend file is in. Then there is no worries about where your paths are leading.


Thanks :smiley:

That’ll work. But does than mean that there isn’t a way to use relative paths? The reason I ask - I am keeping the working files on a drive that can be easily moved from one machine to the other. It might be the F: drive on one machine and then G: on another. You don’t want to keep it packed all the time do you?

Or is the best thing to do, when done on one machine - pack, and then when on another machine unpack and repeat when done?



are you currently using the Z: drive name assignment on any of those machines

if you are not choose that as the drive name on both

wala it should work

and to my knowledge i can use relative paths???

i am not sure but i have a harddrive that i share between two computers on a LAN.

i just load up the file on either machine and they automaticly have the correct file location (even though on one it is the z: driva nd the other it is the e: or F: drive)

don’t put a drive letter in front of the image location

my images are located like this

these work fine between two computers (i think the .blend file has to be in the same drive/partition as the images for this to work)

hope that helps

// to start a relative path (dunno if it is \ under windos)


// worked. Thansk.